Recorded Classes

7 Week Chakra Class

This 7 Week Chakra Class will provide you with an easy format to explore all the aspects of your life from childhood to the current moment.  The material is rich and you will be able to see your life in a very clear and systematic fashion.

You may purchase this complete set and work through it Chakra by Chakra or you may purchase just the Chakras that you feel you need more work on.  I suggest the whole program as one leads so beautifully into the next but there will be benefit to also work individually.

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6 Week Beliefs Class

Your personal world reflects your inner beliefs and what we believe we live out.  If we want to change the outer world we must change our inner world.

In this workshop you will take a closer look at what you believe.

You will learn how to work consciously with your thoughts and beliefs to create the life you desire.

We are here to experience JOY and connection!

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