Personalized Guided Visualizations!




New opportunity!  I have been creating meditations and guided visualizations for many years and often use them at the beginning or closing of a group.   I am now offering personalized  guided meditations for YOU!  You would send me some ides of where you are stuck and are looking for clarity and I would create a recorded meditation for you that you could use again and again.


It is very difficult to lead yourself through a guided meditation.  We need an outside voice to guide us so we can keep our focus.  Because this is a recording, you can hit pause to spend as much time as you want in any particular area of the visualization.

The most powerful work we do is internal.  However, many students tell me they have a difficult time getting quiet and staying quiet long enough to do this work.  This internal, spiritual work,  begins to create new patterns in our minds.   It changes our energy fields, our frequency.    A meditation done over and over deepens new pathways in our brains.  We actually begin to have new thoughts.  We perceive the world from a different perspective.  The world becomes friendlier.  We make different decisions.  We change our lives.

This is all a practice and there are many components but meditation is a powerful player.

To order this service, simply add to cart.  Once the order is complete, I will contact you and get your input for the meditation.

I look forward to meeting you in the higher realms of meditation!

Meditations will be around 20 minutes.



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