Meet Melanie

Meet Melanie Williams


I am Melanie Williams.  I am a teacher.  I have always been a teacher.  I played teacher when I was a little girl using books and worksheets my mother supplied to me and as I have grown and had various passions over the years I have always ended up teaching them to someone.

I received my formal training as a teacher from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD in 1974 in Music Education.  I have been involved in my own personal growth and self development for almost 35 years and have been teaching and facilitating workshops in this area for 13 years.

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Melanie teaching "Simple Truths", summer of 2004 at Sun Moon Yoga StudiosMy body has been my greatest teacher and adviser.

I began the journey into my own personal healing through the simple act of running.  My body loved running and I loved the light feeling I would have after running.  To maintain this lightness I began to change the way that I ate and cooked.

I believe that as my body became lighter I became more open to my energy body which opened me to receive the gift of Reiki into my life.  Reiki  lovingly guided me  to find my own connection to Source-a spirituality that felt authentic to me.

As I deepened into my spiritual body, my emotional body began to call for my attention and I have spent the last several years delving deeply into ways to heal the pain of my own limiting beliefs.  From this deep inner work with self has sprung my mentorship programs where I facilitate others in finding and releasing their own limiting beliefs.

How I See My Work

I have been interested in personal development for a long time. What I learn, I teach. The following are some ways that I see my work……

What I do:


  • Encourage you to live the life you DESIRE.
  • Teach you how to create a Daily Practice that allows you to connect with Self and Spirit.
  • Help you find a feeling of greater connection to your life.
  • Guide you to discover a greater sense of Self and purpose.
  • Be a catalyst for change and a great cheerleader for you to move forward to what you most desire.
  • Move you from drama to dharma.


  • Provide the questions and the space where you can begin to get in touch with what it is you DO desire.
  • Look at the beliefs, the fears that keep you from taking the steps toward this life.
  • Develop in you a deeper sense of self-love that will ALLOW you to move into a more fulfilling life.
  • Provide concrete practical tools that assist you to work through your own limiting beliefs.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help you live a more authentic, spirit-driven life.  I am here to help you look more deeply inward and find the blocks that prevent you from the life you desire. I believe that the peace and space you find within will be reflected to the world around you. I am here to support your evolutionary growth as I work with you.

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