Melanie Williams Master Class

“Who Else Wants to Discover the Secret to Finding
Greater Clarity & Authenticity In Their Life?”

Melanie Williams’ Master Class Will Help You Establish a Strong Foundation for Spiritual and Self-Development

The Master Class level will include each month:

  • One 20 minute meditation recording that can be accessed or downloaded as often as you desire.   It will be supportive of the “work” we are doing each month.  (Value – $10)  
  • One 60 minute power class. (Value $60)
  • One 60 minute tapping (EFT) classes. (Value $60)
  • Total value=$130 that you will receive for less than $30/month!

Why I would want to invest less than $30/month for this membership?

  • Time:  You may listen to the recordings or podcasts at ANY time that works for you.  You are not locked into a specific class time.
  • Cost:  This is a very cost effective manner to receive a LOT of great support and material if you are interested in self or spiritual development.
  • Location/Distance:  Unless you live in about a 30 mile radius of Mankato, MN, my classes are not accessible to you.
  • Archives:  All classes and meditations will be recorded and archived so you can re-listen as many times as you desire or join in when you are able to.
  • Master Teacher:  Melanie is a master teacher/mentor who has been helping people find greater clarity and authenticity in their lives for over 15 years. Click here for testimonials.
I have attended 8 months of my Mentorship Program with Melanie Williams, and have about 5 or 6 months to go before program completion. I don’t want it to end. I look so forward to class every other week, and my internal work on personal growth continues each and every day in between.

When the class was recommended by a friend, I had to just go on blind faith that she knew me well enough to know what was a “FIT” for me. I am looking forward to life again after a long period of unhappiness. I have passion for my work, my personal life and my future. The support from the small consistent group in class is AMAZING. If you are serious about moving your life forward … take this class. It will foster the most gentle spirit of forgiveness for the old habits and programming that our past has grounded in our psyche. And more importantly, teach you the tools for letting go of past pain. Even my worst days now, are better than my best days a few years ago.

Sue Prosser

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Here is what you will have access to as a premium member of  the Melanie J. Williams Master Class:

  • Power Class:  Each month we will go into a specific teaching or awareness practice. I will share some key points about the teaching and then the lines will be opened for specific questions or coaching that is needed.  There will be some time for students to share success stories as well.
  • Tapping Class:  I will be teaching you EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.  This is a powerful tool to clear resistance and blockages that prevent us from moving forward in our lives.  Each month we will be tapping on emotions or patterns that relate to the material taught in the Power Class.  You may go to this site to learn more about it.
  • Meditation Recording:  Each month I will be recording a guided meditation for you that you will be able to listen to on your computer, download onto an mp3 player or listen to on your phone.  The meditations will also be in alignment with the theme of the Power Class for that particular month.
  • Material/Handouts:  Any handouts referred to will be made available as needed on a special site.  Information to access this site will be given when you become a registered member.

The first months will be teaching foundational tools and will be archived for students who join the site at a later date. 

  • Month One: 
    Developing and Sustaining a Daily Spiritual Practice.  This is key to any spiritual or self development. It is our foundation and cannot be skipped over.
  • Month Two: 
    Check in on how your Daily Practice is going.  This month we will go deeper into how to feel successful at a seated meditation practice.  We will practice different approaches that have worked for me over the years.  You will be chilled out by the end of this hour!
  • Month Three:
    This month we will talk about desires, affirmations, intentions and temporal tapping.  This is the onset of developing a “belief change” practice.  These are powerful practices but need to be used with focus, clarity and consistency to bring about powerful change.  There is more to it than placing an affirmation on our refrigeratorJ  It is about bringing clarity into all aspects of our lives!  Confusion be gone!
  • Month Four:
    Patterns and limiting beliefs.  This is bigger than one month but this will be a start.  Our sub-conscious limiting beliefs have created our patterns and run our lives.  “I am alone.”  “I am not safe.”  “I do not deserve……”  “I am not good enough.”  “I am invisible.”  Etc. etc.  We will discover how much we can learn about our own lives by what we mirror and project outward!
  • Month Five: 
    Radical Personal Responsibility
    .  Understanding this principle turns our world around.  We move from a victim, blame centered position to one of empowerment.  Once we can begin to see where we have been giving our power away, we can begin to make new choices.  We will begin to look at how we even generate the continuation of our victimhood.  Powerful shifts occur with this teaching and practice.
  • Month Six: 
    Curious Mind/Fearful Mind.  Developing a curious mind is a much softer way to live!  Curious mind is just that-it wonders about things.  It is open and thoughtful.  A fearful mind questions, doubts and judges.  Relationships improve with this practice!

Future topics will be added later.

Register for Melanie Williams Mastermind

I would recommend Melanie’s classes and teaching to anyone. Melanie is an excellent and patient teacher who not only shares her knowledge and material but inspires and insists that each student “live” what they learn. By providing the tools that we need and then making sure that we practice them, Melanie has proven successful in helping people break destructive thinking patterns and changing their thoughts into helpful and positive ones. I have had my life impacted by Melanie and her amazing classes.

Doug Lamoureux, Owner
EagleRay Marketing