Melanie Williams Master Class

“Tools  to access Greater Clarity & Authenticity In Your Life.”

Melanie Williams’ Membership Group Will Help You Establish a Strong Foundation for Spiritual and Self-Development

The Membership group will include each week:

  • One 20 minute meditation recording that can be accessed or downloaded as often as you desire.   It will be supportive of the “work” we are doing each week.  You will receive this on Monday morning.  
  • One Tapping Script on Tuesdays again, to support the work of that week. 
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday you will receive blogs that will be teachings, support, exercises, content, etc that will support the theme of the week.
  • This is an online format so there is not one more thing to put on your calendar.
  • AFFORDABLE!  $25/month and can unsubscribe at any time
  • You will need a Face Book account and an email address to access the info.  The material is on a locked site on FB.

Why I would want to invest less than $30/month for this membership?

  • Time:  You may listen to the recordings and read the blogs at ANY time that works for you.  You are not locked into a specific class time.
  • Cost:  This is a very cost effective manner to receive a LOT of great support and material if you are interested in self or spiritual development.
  • Location/Distance:  Unless you live in about a 30 mile radius of Mankato, MN, my classes are not accessible to you.
  • Archives:  All classes and meditations will be recorded and archived so you can re-listen as many times as you desire or join in when you are able to.
  • Master Teacher:  Melanie is a master teacher/mentor who has been helping people find greater clarity and authenticity in their lives for over 15 years. Click here for testimonials.


I can’t get enough of Mel and her work!…I have taken Reiki 1 and 2, her chakra class twice, her mentorship, privates, and her new years class.  My favorite is the chakras. I enjoy the focused attention spent for the week of each of the 7 chakras. Cant explain it properly…it is just something you have to experience for yourself. All of her classes are life changing…sometimes small and other times extreme! It is wonderful! I am always growing and changing, therefore I do like to repeat classes I have taken. I always get something new to take each time.   Jessica Roemhildt


“I want to let you know how sincerely beneficial, and helpful your membership class has been for me. Truly, I’m in SUCH a different place – no longer sucked in by spirals of negativity, able to know my own needs more, and thus, more confident of the need to prioritize myself in ways that allow me to actively build authentic relationships – instead of just trying to be what I think others expect of me. Really, with your guidance and the group’s support, I have now run a half-marathon; I have stood up for myself; I spend FAR less time obsessing over conversations gone by. “

Truly, the benefits of this experience are many, and I offer you many, many thanks for those!  Sara Granberg

These are some possible themes we will be addressing.  Once you join you will have access to what is already on the site

  • Month One:  Developing and Sustaining a Daily Spiritual Practice.  This is key to any spiritual or self development. It is our foundation and cannot be skipped over.
  • Month Two:  Check in on how your Daily Practice is going.  This month we will go deeper into how to feel successful at a seated meditation practice.  We will practice different approaches that have worked for me over the years.  You will be chilled out by the end of this hour!
  • Month Three: This month we will talk about desires, affirmations, intentions and temporal tapping.  This is the onset of developing a “belief change” practice.  These are powerful practices but need to be used with focus, clarity and consistency to bring about powerful change.  There is more to it than placing an affirmation on our refrigeratorJ  It is about bringing clarity into all aspects of our lives!  Confusion be gone!
  • Month Four: Patterns and limiting beliefs.  This is bigger than one month but this will be a start.  Our sub-conscious limiting beliefs have created our patterns and run our lives.  “I am alone.”  “I am not safe.”  “I do not deserve……”  “I am not good enough.”  “I am invisible.”  Etc. etc.  We will discover how much we can learn about our own lives by what we mirror and project outward!
  • Month Five:  Radical Personal Responsibility.  Understanding this principle turns our world around.  We move from a victim, blame centered position to one of empowerment.  Once we can begin to see where we have been giving our power away, we can begin to make new choices.  We will begin to look at how we even generate the continuation of our victimhood.  Powerful shifts occur with this teaching and practice.
  • Month Six:  Curious Mind/Fearful Mind.  Developing a curious mind is a much softer way to live!  Curious mind is just that-it wonders about things.  It is open and thoughtful.  A fearful mind questions, doubts and judges.  Relationships improve with this practice!

Future topics will be added later.