Individual Focused Intensives

One main issue/3-5 consecutive days/ 2 hours per day……………..Blast off!

3 options:

3 day/$750

 4 day/ $1000

 5 day/ $1250

I work with individuals in many different ways.  Private individual sessions, 2 hour workshops, 6 or 7 week classes, 7 or 9 month mentorship programs ……………and individual focused intensives.

What is a focused intensive?

I came up with this format to help you move through an issue that you have been swimming around in for years.  An issue that informs so much of your life and you just can’t seem to get past.

In the regular weekly session, we settle in and take a layer off.  Then you have another week for everything to drop back in to its comfortable hiding place and so the next week we have to spend more time to nudge it back out into the open.  We make progress but it is sometimes slow……..especially if it is a big issue that carries a lot of resistant energy with it.

Here is where the focused intensive becomes very valuable.

When you come back in day after day the issue and all the threads stay on the surface and we do not have to go hunting for them after a week off……we are able to move much quicker and deeper.  In fact, each day as we clear a layer the next one just keeps presenting itself again and again.  It is a fascinating and exciting process! Usually by day three the client is beginning to “glow”.  They arrive with a spring in their step and a smile on their face. The results are amazing and what shifts in these 5 days stays shifted. From this point they are able to move forward in their lives in a more creative focused manner healing and finding more peace in their lives and relationships.

I know one concern is the cost and the time.  However, this format will actually SAVE you money and time.  What could take you weeks and months to move through will be accomplished in the days you spend focused on your intention.

You will know if this format would be helpful for you if you have been bumping up against the same issue over and over again for years.

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