6 Weeks Beliefs Class

6 Week Beliefs Class……….Change your thoughts, change your world!

Your personal world reflects your inner beliefs and what we believe we live out.  If we want to change the outer world we must change our inner world.

In this workshop you will take a closer look at what you believe.

You will learn how to work consciously with your thoughts and beliefs to create the life you desire.

We are here to experience JOY and connection!

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Week #1: Guided meditation

  • Check in: Each week I work individually with the student at this time
  • An introduction to how we begin to create an awareness of our thoughts
  • The main limiting beliefs that thwart us •Getting clear on what you want
  • Getting honest with where you are at
  • Learning tools to begin to bridge that gap
  • What if UP?
  • Focus will be on your health this week

Week #2: Guided meditation

  • Check in
  • Introduction to Abraham Teachings
  • Teach the Feeling/Shift Exercise
  • Beginning to build our Trust
  • The List for the Universe
  • Focus will be on relationships for coming week

Week #3: Guided meditation

  • Check in
  • Introducing Byron Katie and “The Work”
  • Do some of “The Work” with students
  • Teach “Gratitude Explosion”
  • Letter of Self Approval
  • Topic will be on Abundance or Finances for coming week

Week #4: Guided meditation

  • Check in
  • Do more of “The Work” with students
  • Topic will be on work, career or dharma for coming week

Week #5: Guided meditation

  • Check in
  • Teach “7 Negative Thought Patterns”
  • Tools you are using?
  • Focus will be on creativity or spirituality

Week #6: Guided meditation

  • Check in
  • Review of the exercises and material
  • Teach Paul and Layne Cutright’s” Heart to Heart” concept on appreciation

Suggested books to purchase:

Ask and It Is Given” Esther and Jerry Hicks and “Loving What Is” Byron Katie

Dates will be posted as workshops are set. Be sure to register for my newsletter. This is where I will keep you posted about classes and dates.

Date: Dates Pending

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM

Venue: Tele-Conference OR in the comfort of my home in Mankato

Cost: $240

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