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Melanie WilliamsWorking together in a group setting, facilitates shared learning.

The following classes have specific dates/time and are either in a classroom or offered as a teleclass.

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Individual Sessions

Melanie Williams has been assisting her students and clients in finding the clarity and courage needed to live a more fulfilling and authentic life for over 20 years.

Melanie became interested in alternative healing modalities to deal with health challenges she faced herself starting in 1985.  The road to health has been a long journey and one she continues to walk each day.  She came to realize that true healing was not just physical, mental, emotional or spiritual but a combination of them all.

Inspired to regain her health and vitality she has explored many different modalities and shares with her students what she has learned and what has worked for her.

She walks her talk.

Private Sessions:

Melanie’s intuitive style of questioning and deep listening helps to quickly unearth your limiting beliefs.  By identifying these roadblocks she is able to help you shift the way you have been relating to yourself, others and your world in a short amount of time.

Melanie’s goal is to empower you.  She will teach you techniques and exercises that you will be able to use at home in your own healing journey.

Melanie uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), guided visualization, Byron Katie’s “The Work”, Reiki and much more in her session with you.

I now do private sessions with students only as an introduction to my work.  My main interest is to do in depth work with students over a 6 month period in my Private Mentorship Program.  There we design to Program to fit your needs.  I am able to offer you so much more in this format.  Not just a way out of a current situation, but tools and spiritual teachings to assist  you in all of life.


Individual 1 hour private session – $85

Package of 3: $225 ($75/session)

Foundational Classes

My desire is to work with students who are interested and ready to make a change in their life. My work has slowly evolved around that desire and intention. I now have a flow of study that offers you the opportunity for transformation and growth. You slowly build your repertoire of tools and skills along with the support in each of these classes.

There are 4 ways to work with me; private sessions, foundational classes, (Chakra, Beliefs, Reiki, Tapping) membership site and the mentorship program. The foundational classes are just that. They build the foundation. You begin to slowly explore where you have come from, the beliefs and patterns that were set in place years ago. You have the opportunity to see what is working in your life and what is not. You begin to gather the tools to help you move forward with grace and forgiveness. You grow and you change. These classes give you a strong foundation to build from. Any of these classes will give you the tools, language and emotional maturity to move into the 7 Month Mentorship Program. I highly recommend these classes even if you just desire to do privates with me.

The 4 Foundational Classes are:

  1. Reiki I and II
  2. 7 Week Chakra Class
  3. The 6 Week Beliefs Class
  4. EFT, Tapping Class

Spiritual Mentorship Program

I developed my Spiritual Mentorship Program in 2008 for three reasons:

  • I had students who had taken every workshop and class that I offered and they still wanted “more”.
  • I had a great deal of material that needed more time than a 2 hour workshop or a 7 week class could accommodate.
  • I had discovered the importance of having an established Daily Practice and realized that most of my students did not know how to go about creating one nor the discipline to maintain it.

I have now had 5 full years of creating and developing this program and it has grown to 4 levels.  It is available live, as a tele-course and internationally.

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Melanie Williams Master Class

This online masterclass will help you establish a strong foundation for spiritual growth and self development. Melanie is a master teacher/mentor who has been helping people find greater clarity and authenticity in their lives for over 15 years. In the master class you have 24/7 access to classes, individual workshops, meditations, tapping class (EFT) and much more.

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